Súper Urban Farm – Collaboration with InstaGreen

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Súper coffee & food store has started to grow microgreens, wheatgrass and aeroponic lettuce in the shop, with the intention of using them in the dishes. These plants are 100% ecological and really km 0.
InstaGreen is currently developing a test platform in the Súper Coffee & Food Store. Together, with Súper, the production and the overall customer experience are being monitored and tested, to produce the best and healthiest food results.



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Is coffee healthy for you?

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There are a lot of controversial articles on the internet.. “11 reasons why you should drink coffee everyday” or “latest study.. coffee s bad for your health”.. which one should you believe?
It’s a matter of fact, that studies are controversial, as the people are that are being tested in the study.
First of all you should listen to your body. Are you a naturally nervous person with high blood pressure or rather someone who is always cold and has low blood pressure? Do you need the extra kick right now, maybe for work or sport or is it better to chill on the sofa? What happens if you drink a double espresso -is your heart racing or does nothing happen?
Listen to your body – I get super nervous with a racing heart after 2 coffees in a row and I am a regular drinker and in the coffee business, but I need one in the morning, because my blood pressure is low and it is difficult to start otherwise.
Whatever your body tells you, it is most important to drink the highest quality of coffee. Perfectly freshly roasted coffee. Not burnt. No spanish style, no french style. Just a few minutes too long in the roaster and the best coffee is burnt, tastes bad and causes cancer. The industrial coffees in Spain are all burnt. They are roasted in industrial roasters half the time they usually need and are roasted too long. You can taste it in every coffee bar. Burnt, bitter and undrinkable on its own. People think this is necessary, “strong” coffee, more kick. Not true. Coffee doesn’t get more caffeine just because it tastes bad. Yes, Robusta coffee is cheap, has more caffeine and is often used in industrial blends, so here you get more caffeine the nastier it gets. But.. rather search the good taste, it exists, and then have a double shot. Once you have tasted the sweetness of a coffee without sugar, you will never look back.

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Why you don’t want to buy coffee capsules..

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Hamburg becomes the first city to ban coffee pods


Sounds good, but in the end it is only the city administration that bans to buy capsules for its workers. Nevertheless, several millions of euro, that don’t go to capsules, but to real coffee in grains.

Everybody should do it. Why? Besides the yearly aluminium waste equivalent to around 33.000 cars, biodegradable capsules are not better. The energy used to create every single capsule and it’s packaging is equally bad.

If that is not an argument, surely the price is. Usually there is 5,5 g to 6,5g of coffee in a capsule, you pay per capsule between 0,36€ to 0,46€ depending on “flavour”.

Makes a price per kg between 55€ (cheapest 6,5g option) to to 84€  per KILO!

Has anybody really considered these prices? Compared to that 8,90€ for a 250g bag of freshly roasted specialty coffee is a bargain!



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Why is it so hard to beat Nespresso?

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I have been doing research for a while, trying to find the reason why Nespresso is so loved all over the world. In the past I never could drink it straight without milk or sugar the taste was just.. not great at all.
My specialty coffee teacher told me that Nespresso buys old green beans, that -because of their age- have no taste anymore and cannot be used under normal circumstances, because these beans carry no flavor.
Meanwhile on the Nespresso webpage they only talk about flavor and aroma. 23 different taste directions for now, not included the “artificial” aromas like vanilla. How come they manage to do what no one else seem to be able? Consistency. I have to admit.. Nespresso capsules always taste the same. Exactly the same. How come? I have bags of single origin coffee and every time I roast them, they taste slightly different. Every time I make a coffee, it tastes different.

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Lunch Menu in Spain: “Hecho en casa”?

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In Barcelona you see a lot of bars and restaurants who advertise home cooked meals with starter, main, dessert, drink and coffee for under 10€.

“hecho en casa”, “fet a mà”, “casero”…are just a few of the many lines they use.

If have inquired a bit and found the following interpretations.

Some places use the word homemade, when they just have a kitchen, where they heat up their cans on a stove. It seems to make them think they can advertise their industrial food as homemade.

Other places get industrial dried food, where you just add water, milk or others. The act of dirtying several dishes and investing some time and their food is called homemade.

And others again get frozen industrial dishes or packed finished meals. Just heat the whole plastic packet in hot water or microwave.

What is homemade?

I think homemade is made from the most natural ingredients in the most possible original state. Fresh vegetables, fresh fruits, fresh whole meat (not precut), fresh whole fish.




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Taste: Good Food & Healthy Food

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If you speak to people who care about food, you might think that homemade food, food made from scratch with natural ingredients, tastes always better than industrial food.

Well, if you think of all the salt, sugar, fat and aromas, the industry puts in their food, in most cases the opposite is valid.

One of the reason might be the health factor. If you cook yourself, you see the quantity of salt, oil and sugar and tend to put in less, which makes it healthier and less tasty. If you buy a can, mostly you don’t even know what they have put in.

The real challenge is to create a tasty and delicious healthy meal, that people like and are attracted to.

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